Best road bike under £2000

Have you been looking in the garage and thinking it’s time you need to upgrade your road bike? Maybe you’re looking for the best road bike for under £2000 and want to see the different options available? Have you been stuck online with all the different possible options and all the technical language? In our review, we will be checking out some of the very best in road bikes available on the market today, giving you an in-depth look at what is available and what you should be considering for your next best road bike.

Considerations Choosing the best road bikes under £2000


Just like anything you are buying, the budget is the main consideration. When it comes to finding the best road bikes, you will always get more if you pay more. Is this always the right thing, though? Having more road bikes may not be necessary. If you want a road bike for some light exercise or want to go on bike rides with the kids, then having a super-lightweight carbon fibre road bike with an aggressive riding position just isn’t going to be enjoyable.


Materials of road bikes change all the time. Carbon fibre and aluminium will be your main materials offering strong but lightweight frames allowing a more comfortable ride overall. Even the material of your seat should be something to consider. There are hard plastic seats with much better aerodynamics but will not be as comfortable as a padded version.


Size is our final consideration but an important one. If you have a road bike that is too small, you won’t be able to fully extend your leg, letting you gain full power and performance, and if a bike is to bike, you may struggle to pedal. Sometimes a frame is a perfect size; you have your seat configuration too high or low. The best practice is to have one pedal at its lowest point with your leg at full extension. You won’t be able to reach the floor, but your performances will be the very best.

Top 8 Best road bikes under £2000

1. Cannondale CAAD13 105 Rim Brake 2020

If you have been looking for the ultimate alloy racing machine, then the CAAD13 by Cannondale could be the road bike you’ve been looking for. With superb handling and excellent efficiency, the CAAD13 out-performs nearly all carbon bikes but still keeping that aluminium price tag.

With every CAAD road bike that Cannondale designs, speed increases, but unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the weight. The tube shapes are sleek but practical with their drag-reducing shape designs. The dropped rear configuration and room for larger tires truly delivers the best possible combination of unbeaten comfort and stiff efficiency found in alloy road bikes under 2000.

Cannondale has forged their legacy with the aluminium and Smartform C1 premium alloys that have been used in the CAAD13, making it the lightest, most sophisticated aluminium constructed frame available.

The integration helps keep the CAAD13 as light as possible and make it much faster on the road.

Some key features are:

  • The Premium SmartForm C1 Alloy with 12 x 142 Speed Release
  • A thru-axle, flat-mount disc with integrated cable routing
  • w/ Switchplate, SAVE, BB30a, Di2 electric power ready
  • BallisTec Carbon Forks are designed to flex to absorb vibrations and shock
  • Shimano 105 22-speed Drivetrain makes it easier to ride up steep hills due to the precise gear changing
  • 105 rim brakes provide strong, controllable, and steady stopping power using less effort
  • Comes with Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Slick, 700 x 25c tires for the fastest speed on the roads


  • Fast speeds
  • D12 Electric power ready
  • Great ride quality
  • Potential beginners race bike


  • Not as lightweight as some other options

2. Cannondale Synapse 105 Carbon Road Bike

If you want a light, stiff, fast, and surprisingly comfortable road bike, then the Cannondale Synapse 105 Carbon Road Bike may be the bike for you. Your rides will be longer, and you won’t even notice. Featuring SAVE micro-suspension technology in the frame, forks, bars, and seat post protects you from any imperfections on the concrete while keeping you fully connected to the road. With better handling and control, you’ll feel comfortable to ride all day long.

The bike is light enough for quick climbing and stiff enough for sprinting sections of your ride, all thanks to the asymmetrical design along with the refined tube shapes and dialled carbon layup. No matter the size frame, this bike will have the same lively feeling on every ride. Take longer rides cycling harder with the geometric race positioning, pushing you forward and upright enough for better performances overall. Plus, the removable seat-stay bridge and the hidden finder will keep you pushing on the roads no matter the weather.

Here are some of the best features on the Synapse 105 by Cannondale:

  • The BallisTec Carbon Frame is stiff but light, allowing you to generate more speed
  • BallisTec Carbon Forks have been developed to flex, helping to absorb vibration and shock
  • 105 22-speed Drivetrain for better gear changes, making any hill an easy obstacle
  • Shimano 105 hydraulic disc brakes give powerful but consistent stopping power no matter your speed.
  • Vittoria Rubino Pro Bright Black, 700 x 25c tires produce more grip, keeps you closer to the road, and much faster on it.


  • Consistent braking power
  • Precise gear changing


  • Race positioning not great for casual riders

3. Lapierre Aircode SL 600 Road Bike

The Lapierre Aircode SL 600 is one of the best bikes specifically designed for racing. Stiff and lightweight, this model is the pride and joy of the FDJ racing team. Innovative profiling on the Kamm Tail and NACA tubes ensures the aerodynamic efficiency cannot be beaten. Each point of integration has been high-refined, from the streamlined seat post, lower centre of gravity, and attack mode positioning. There is nothing that can slow you down when you’re getting ready for that final sprint. Originated on tour de France race routes, this road bike is assured to give you a stage victory every ride.

Made with a 100% carbon frame, this bike is ultralight with enhanced stiffness and characteristics of precision. The best efficiency is given on the open road, with this bike being associated with powerbox technology. The frame is enriched with all the advantages of a conventional tapered tube but with the back section creating a virtual surface that reduces drag forces. This is due to the combination of Kamm Tail tubes with truncated flared edges and NACA tubes that have been imported from the industry of aeronautics.

Perfect for different cycling styles, punchers and sprinters will enjoy this road bike with stability demonstrated from the carbon frame. Fitted with a Lapierre seat post made from carbon fibre for reduced weight and high-pressure adjustments. There are Zipp Racing Service peripherals that help to create this cutting-edge aerodynamic assembly.

The forks are made from 100% carbon fibre and include a Direct Mount brake to achieve maximum braking stiffness and power. The Lapierre, Aircode features a Shimano Ultegra transmission group that offers a 52/36 gear ratio and an 11-speed, 11-28 cassette that provides easy pedalling regardless of the route profile. The wheels have been designed with aerodynamics in mind, producing maximum efficiency to help wonderfully complement the bike’s assembly—the best road bike for people looking to go fast.


  • High-speed road bike
  • Lightweight carbon fibre frame


  • Towards the end of the price range

4. Merida Scultura Limited Road Bike

The Merida Scultura Limited road bike has been built in an aggressive style with ProTour proven geometry and the most expensive carbon lay-up you can find in a “best bike” option. The tapered head tube has been slimmed down from 1 1/8″ to 1 1/4″ and includes NACA Fastback profile tubing for better aerodynamics.

This frame is the same model used b professional riders. Integrity is protected on the carbon frame with epoxy resin that has been bonded together with added nanoparticles. This helps increase the impact resistance by up to 40%.

The carbon elements have been created individually with an inflatable bladder to keep the frame lightweight and strong. This bladder ensures there aren’t any wrinkles inside the tube, which can add this extra weight and create weak spots. The carbon forks are great in providing superb vibration damping and precise steering when you’re out on the roads.

The national advisory committee for aeronautics’ NACA0028 teardrop profile creates the Merida Scultura’s basis being truncated. Air moves around the tube as if the missing rear section was still there, creating the same force using fewer materials, saving weight. A tapered headtube with 11/8″ bearings in the top and 1 1/4″ in the bottom creates a precise and stiff finish giving you that extra confidence when steering corners on the road.

This road bike features a patent-pending design. The carbon that is used is great at absorbing vibration but increasing comfort. COmfort has also been increased with the seat post shape design using the exclusive S-Flex development.

Adding to the sleek and smooth design, the cables are embedded inside the frame, entering and exiting through smooth sockets. Overall the bike looks smart and neat whilst the cables are protected from any moisture and dirt that they could potentially gather.

To further increase the lateral stiffness, the front forks use a 100mm wide axle, either 12 or 15mm in diameter. A 142 mm wide 12 mm rear axle has been fixed directly into the frame, increasing the stiffness on the bike’s rear end whilst simultaneously simplifying the wheel removal and replacement process.


  • Interior cables for better aerodynamics
  • Patent-pending shockproof design
  • Great value for money


  • Limited availability

5. Genesis Zeal 20 W Road Bike

After the successful launch of the female-specific bike from Genesis, they have decided to release three new models, pushing the boundaries of cycling with comfort and development with women in mind. These three bikes are lead by the Genesis Zeal 20.

It features a 24/30T carbon monocoque frame, the same materials found on other top-end carbon road bikes in the genesis range. The forks are also made from this carbon alloy, making the Zeal 20 the lightest women’s bike in its class, capable of keeping up with far more expensive machines on the road.

The developing time has designed this women’s road bike to transfer power to maximum effect with each pedal while maintaining the comfort level to keep you out cycling for longer to reach your new personal best. This comfort is gained through the narrowing of the seat stays and compliant forks. The balance of speed and rider needs is perfect!

The speed transmission is a Shimano 105 11 speed giving the Zeal a full range of 22 gears that are completely smooth shifting. The ratio is wide enough for climbs, flat spins, and finish line sprints showing this road bike is a true all-round machine.

Fitted with 25c CST COmpressor tires will keep you firmly gripped to the roads without causing any slowness. Quickly and efficiently, these tires are great riding hours with a large rubber volume that is both comfortable and puncture resistant. The grip gives more power yet is easy to maintain, but you are backed up with the Shimano 105 calliper brakes should you have any problems.

The saddle has been specifically chosen for women, along with narrow bars, a shorter stem, and size corrected cranks that allow the zeal to be a real powerhouse, not just a pink wrapped bike that is no good to anyone.

No matter if you are a rider who is ready for racing more competitive roads, or you prefer long comfortable spins in the saddle with the family, the Genesis Zeal 20 W are seriously some of the best road bikes under 2 thousand pounds, keeping you on the road for longer always ahead of the rest.


  • Women-specific design
  • Built for speed and endurance
  • Perfect entry-level road bike
  • Top-spec equipment featured


  • Some more lightweight designs available
  • Doesn’t feature disc wheels

6. Vitus Zenium CRW Road Bike

The virus Zenium CRW road bike provides the perfect blend of performance and comfort, creating an all-around riding experience greater than ever before. For increased comfort and a balanced ride, the seat stay was dropped and developed with compact geometry. There are UD carbon forks that contain a tapered steerer for better steering precision and better overall handling, balance confidence, and control. There is a 32mm tire clearance that gives you more freedom in how you want to set up this amazing road bike.

The framework combines a beautiful balance of classic tube shaping with modern features; all put together in a lightweight package. If you want to go fast, then the Zenium is the bike for you, plus the subtle nods to all-day comfort will keep you on the roads for longer. The Zenium is an all-rounder perfect for nearly everyone.

Disc Brakes feature on the Zenium CR along with the Shimano 105 R7000 11 speed groupset. Having Shimano as standard tells you how well made this bike intends to be. Shimano has developed the 105 to add ‘trickle-down’ technology, with the main feature being the smaller shaped shifters that power the 105 R7020 hydraulic flat-mount disc brakes. The look of these disc brakes is stylish and cool, coming in a gloss black finish.

Moving along on Vitus clinchers and lightweight hubs that have been paired with the super cool Vee Road Runner tan sidewall tires. These are 28mm and can be changed to your liking with the optional 32mm clearance. A new Vitus Switch axle gives you the option to leave the leaver handle firmly secured in either wheel or can even be removed to shed some weight, gaining some more aerodynamics.


  • Added tire clearance for more choice
  • All-rounder
  • Amazing ride quality


  • Not the best for speed

7. Vitus Vitesse EVO CR Road Bike

Vitus has released the Vitesse EVO CR road bikes, refined with race-fit geometry specifically designed for speed. This fast road bike includes a longer top tube and a lower front end, and a shorter chainstay overall creating a perfect balance of fit and control. No matter what the race demands, this is the best road bike for the task.

A refined carbon layup results in the Vitus having the stiffest and lightest road frameset ever. This model is 10% lighter and 34% stiffer than its predecessor but still a great price. The increased tire clearance and modern look ensure that this bike is ready to roll no matter the occasion.

These best road bikes are fast and efficient, supplies with the very best 105 2 x 11-speed groupset, hydraulic disc brakes, and semi-compact gearing. There are a 32 tooth cassette and long cage rear derailleur that will let you effortlessly tackle mountain passes or even go head to head in your local crit.


  • Hydraulic disc bike brakes
  • 32 tooth cassette for more versatility
  • One of the best road bikes under 2000


  • Higher-end of the price range

8. Orro Tiagra Gold Road Bike

The Orra Tiagra gold road bike has been fitted with a Shimano Tiagra 2 x 10-speed groupset ensuring you will not have any problems with speed. The calliper rim brakes are powerful, along with the Fulcrum Racing R900 wheelset wrapped in Continental Race tires. Together, all of these components make for a better balance of smooth gear shifting, dependable performances no matter the terrain, and faster speeds. If you’re looking for a thrill when you’re out on the roads, then the Orra Road bikes could be the machines for you.

The gold is more comfortable and faster than ever before with the all-new refined and redeveloped geometry found in the frame. All of the latest road cycling trends have been applied to this already successful formula for a superior ride. As well as this new design, the Orro Gold features innovative materials such as the British spread tow carbon have been supplied by industry leaders Signmatex ensuring quality in every build.

The overall results of this material use and component selection give a lighter and more responsive ride. These added features are on top of the comforts brought with the original design making no sacrifices.


  • Signmatex high-grade Carbon tow materials
  • Comfortable design
  • Great value for money


  • Sells out fast


What are the best road bikes under £2000?

When it comes to the best road bikes under 2 thousand pounds, it very much depends on the riding you are going to be doing. The best road bikes can bring enjoyment and that little something extra that is going to make you want to keep using it. A more expensive model may seem like it will be the very best, but sometimes having these more aggressive shapes and riding positions can deter you from even going out onto the road as the comfort isn’t what you wanted.

What should I look for when buying a road bike?

When looking for a road bike, it is important to look at the materials used and the drivetrain and groupset. Shimano is a great brand to look out for when looking at the gearing and brakes used on your bike; they are a reliable company that has been in the cycling market for many years. Decide on the kind of features you want to gain from your road bike, such as the ride positioning if you’re a serious cycler aiming to cut seconds off your best times. You may be a casual road bike user, so looking for a more comfortable setup is a good choice too.

How much should you spend on the best road bikes?

When it comes to your budget, you can really get carried away with buying a road bike. There are many options, and with the technical lingo, you may be buying a bike that is way out of your league, providing you with features and a riding position that isn’t useful for your skillset. IF you chat with an advisor or read through the description, you can find a road bike that adheres more to your kind of level. Always do your research and don’t go in guns blazing buying the most expensive road bike you can find. You will get a better build, but if it’s going to be sat in the garage for most of the year, it will become another expensive item not used in there.

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