Assos Cento Evo bib shorts

Assos T Cento Evo Bib Shorts Review

If you’re familiar with the brand Assos, you know that the company prides itself on making some of the best biking gear possible. While other manufacturers will try to capitalize on trends by updating their products annually, Assos takes its time in the R&D phase, and it shows. Case in point, the T Cento EVO Bib Shorts. While these shorts will set you back a pretty penny, they are worth it – assuming that comfort is a priority for you. 


  • Material: 73% Nylon, 17% Elastane, 10% Polyester
  • Fit: RegularFit
  • Chamois Thickness: 10 mm
  • Chamois Design: Triple-Layer Waffle Pattern with Golden Gate and Kuku Penthouse
  • Bib: Y7 Frame


  • Wide shoulder straps won’t dig in
  • Thick-layered chamois for padding where you need
  • Proprietary Kuku Penthouse and Golden Gate for the men
  • Breathable fabric won’t leave you sweaty
  • Ultralight leg grippers provide support without constricting
  • Highly comfortable for long-distance rides


  • Pricier than other models
  • Sizing can be tricky for some users
Assos Cento Evo bib shorts back view

First and foremost, we need to say that the T Cento EVO Bib shorts are designed for hardcore bikers. If you’re a casual rider who just likes to cruise on nice weekends, you will probably want something a bit more affordable. If you’re ready to drop cash on these shorts, you need to get your money’s worth. Fortunately, that’s not an issue, thanks to a slew of upgraded features that will allow you to push yourself further than you thought possible. 

So, with that in mind, let’s break down some of the highlights you can expect from these shorts. 

ZeroWaist Design

One of the primary reasons bikers prefer bib shorts over traditional garb is that there is no elastic waistband. When you’re riding for hours on end, that thin piece of material can be murder on your skin and your abdomen. To make the T Cento EVO even more comfortable, Assos developed the zeroWaist design, which virtually eliminates any bunching in the front and back. Simply put, once you’re on the road, you should feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, like a stupid sexy Flanders. 

Kuku Penthouse and the Golden Gate

Curious names aside, male bikers will fall in love with these built-in features. The kuku penthouse is quite literally a spot for your “cuckoo” to rest in comfort while you ride. Rather than compressing yourself for the long haul, you get a little breathing room. Assos simply cut a square into the triple-layered chamois and added some softer texture for added pleasure. To put it slightly different terms, you’ll go cuckoo for the kuku. 

The Golden Gate ups the ante a little bit by offering a free-floating chamois piece in the center of these shorts. Since that is where most of your weight will be centered during the ride, this feature is designed to help prevent chafing and pinching. The gate moves with you, rather than working against you during the ride. It’s one of those things that you don’t notice while it’s working, but if you go back to a different model of bib shorts, you’ll see the difference immediately. 

Smoother Fabrics

As with all bib shorts, the T Cento EVO is made of a blend of different materials. In this case, it’s a mix of nylon, spandex, and polyester. Each fabric works together to give you the right amount of flexibility and support, all without rubbing too much against the skin. After a few hours on the road, you’ll be amazed at how little you chafe, even if the straps are touching your skin directly the whole time. 

The other primary benefit of this blend is that it’s the right amount of constrictive where it counts. Your legs will be slightly compressed to help you avoid fatigue, but the fabric will give just enough to ensure that you don’t wind up with marks on the skin when you dismount. 

Moisture-Wicking Design

Any pro biker can tell you that the main reason for chafing is sweat. As you ride, your sweat will cause rubbing against the skin, and since it’s filled with salt, the results can be uncomfortable at best, and downright nasty in worst-case scenarios. So, to help you avoid freaking out your fellow riders, Assos has designed one of the most breathable fabrics we’ve seen. The material draws moisture up, where it dissipates along the surface. While no bib shorts can keep you totally dry on a long trip, these come pretty darn close. 

Sewn-In Reflective Stripes

If you like to bike at night or in overcast conditions, then you need all the visibility you can get. The stripes are incorporated into the back and the legs so that you should be noticeable no matter what the lighting situation is like. 

Who Should Use the T Cento EVO Bib Shorts?

Realistically, anyone who likes long-distance riding will love these shorts. Again, if you’re going to pay for a high-end product, you want to get as much mileage out of it as possible. Also, because these shorts are great at wicking away moisture, they are perfect for spring and summer riding. During the fall and winter months, you may want to add a bit more thickness to your ensemble, but these shorts will still be an excellent bottom layer.

Bottom Line: Go Bib or Go Home

Assos continues to show off its incredible brand performance with the T Cento EVO Bib Shorts. It seems that every feature is perfectly adapted for long-distance riding, with nothing that seems unnecessary or superfluous. Best of all, they are so well made that you shouldn’t have to replace them for years to come, making them an even better investment.

Find out more information and where to buy these bib shorts from Assos.

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