How to keep sweat out of your eyes when cycling

Since we entered the first lockdown back in March 2020 I decided to shave my hair off with the clippers on a grade zero. It was the choice of this, let it grow long, or go with a home haircut.

The downside of deciding to have no hair is there is nothing to soak up the sweat when cycling. The sweat just runs into your eyes and stings! I stopped wearing sun glasses while riding as it became annoying having to take them off to wipe sweat out of my eyes every five minutes, which adds the issue of flies and dirt getting into your eyes!

I’ve ridden with a number of cyclists who always wear a cap under their helmets. My concern of doing this was getting a hot head, but I hoped the theory of the cap soaking up the sweat and being damp material that the sweat evaporates from, will keep my head cool.

Custom made cap from Men Makers

This was the first cap I bought, the last I tried, and now my favourite!

It was also the cheapest!

The caps are handmade in Bude, Cornwall by Tony Rea who is into endurance sports such as cycling and running. They are made from natural materials sourced from the local fabric shops. Bude is hot on reducing plastic usage, so it’s good to know that these caps are completely plastic free.

The caps seem to use a more generous amount of elastic and so are not as tight on the head as the Castelli cap below.

As the caps are made from limited amounts of fabric, it’s quite likely you’ll be getting a unique design that you won’t see any of your fellow cyclists wearing. I’m also sure if you have a specific request or design, Tony will be amenable to sorting you out.

I liked the cap so much, I bought another one! The skull and cross bone cap will be good for cycling through Penzance on LeJog! (The pirates of Penzance)

Castelli A/C cycling cap

After buying the white summer skull cap I thought I’d buy the black version of the Castelli A/C cycling cap. This cap is made up mostly of the breathable mesh, with a small wicking layer band around the edge of the cap.

I found the elastic of this cap a bit tight when putting it on, and it comes as one size fits all. I was worried that this would give me a headache during the ride, but it hasn’t happened so far and I’ve cycled with it on for 4 hours or so.

Castelli summer skull cap

If you are looking for a solution that doesn’t involve a peak, the Castelli summer skull cap is certainly worth checking out.

It has a mesh top to help with ventilation, and a wicking layer to keep the sweat out of your eyes.

It comes in black and while, andI chose the white one. This has the downside of showing up dirt and mud if you are wearing it in wet or damp conditions.

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